10 tools to help build your business gratitude practice


Tools to help you start a business gratitude practice

There is plenty of evidence out there that Gratitude makes your life better – increased optimism, less stress, more happiness, increased resilience in the face of difficulties … people who are thankful, are happier and healthier.

Gratitude is also a game changer in business. It will make you more productive, it increases customer loyalty (who doesn’t appreciate a thank you from the people they spend money with??), it makes you better able to handle the highs and lows of running your own business, it helps you build community and make stronger connections.

Here are some handy tools to help you build a business gratitude practice:

Send a handwritten Thank You note for free.

Make gratitude part of your 2016 business planning with Leonie Dawson’s gorgeous 2016 Business Goals Workbook. I really love that her weekly diary/planner includes space for writing down a gratitude list!

Make your gratitude part of your decor with this idea for a wipe on/wipe off gratitude list.

The free Weekly Planning Workbook from Darius Lukas is a great tool to help you build more gratitude into your business planning & productivity.

Get your gratitude on with these colouring pages from Dawn Nicole Designs.

Start your own 5 Minute Journal … flip through a virtual copy and use the format in your own journalling or you can buy the real thing (which is quite lovely)

Build a loyal customer base for your freelance business with these memorable 25 Ways to Thank Your Customers (its an online guide + a free PDF download from Help Scout)

Print out your very own pocket gratitude diary so you always have it on hand.

Start a daily gratitude practice with the Gratitude Starter Kit. Its part of the Passion Printables Collection available for free from Organized Creatives.

Download these free thank you postcard templates from here & here and get your own stock of beautiful thank you cards printed so you always have them on hand when you need to Say Thanks.