Gratitude Round Up: September 2017

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September 2017 Gratitude table set with bright flowers in bottle vases

September 21 was World Gratitude day. And there really was lots to be grateful for this month – from elections, to my kids’ birthdays, to these great posts: Here’s what people get wrong about gratitude We shouldn’t be grateful out of guilt or shame. We should be grateful because gratitude empowers us. It makes us braver, kinder and more resilient … Read More

Gratitude Round Up: August 2017

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Thank you

In August’s Gratitude Round Up there are some great ideas to help you market your business from a place of generosity and appreciation: 8 ways to delight and reward your email subscribers “Consistently offering a thank you to your audience doesn’t have to be backed by a six-figure budget, but it does have to come from a genuine place, be … Read More

Generosity: The secret to success

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Why generosity is good for business

Creating customer experiences that delight is the secret to building a successful business. It takes more than a fabulous onboarding sequence and a Thank You card (although that definitely helps!) – customer experiences that truly delight are built on a foundation of gratitude, generosity and real human connections. Why Generosity Is Good for Business 3 CEO’s who are showing that … Read More

A simple step to keep customers coming back

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Repeat business: Make your product easier to buy than your competition ...

I found out last week that my car’s warrant of fitness (WOF) had expired. I never remember to check, and it was my husband who pointed it out. What a missed opportunity on the part of the auto business that did my last WOF! When there is so much competition around for this service, wouldn’t you think they would have … Read More

Generosity makes you great

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Bike leaning against bright yellow wall with quote from Brendan Burchard

Making generosity a part of your everyday business practices will make your business outshine the competition. And its one of the amazing things about generosity – the more you give, the more you get back in return.

Saying thanks is good business

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Card from WP Elevation on my desk - saying thanks is good for business

Recently, I enrolled in Troy Dean’s fabulous WP Elevation Blueprint course (if you are running a business using WordPress I thoroughly recommend it!). Its a fabulous course, and one of the best investments I have made in my business this year. Yesterday, when I checked my mailbox after my run, I received a fab surprise … a real, live, handwritten … Read More