Generosity: The secret to success

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Why generosity is good for business

Creating customer experiences that delight is the secret to building a successful business. It takes more than a fabulous onboarding sequence and a Thank You card (although that definitely helps!) – customer experiences that truly delight are built on a foundation of gratitude, generosity and real human connections. Why Generosity Is Good for Business 3 CEO’s who are showing that … Read More

A simple step to keep customers coming back

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Repeat business: Make your product easier to buy than your competition ...

I found out last week that my car’s warrant of fitness (WOF) had expired. I never remember to check, and it was my husband who pointed it out. What a missed opportunity on the part of the auto business that did my last WOF! When there is so much competition around for this service, wouldn’t you think they would have … Read More

Generosity makes you great

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Making generosity a part of your everyday business practices will make your business outshine the competition. And its one of the amazing things about generosity – the more you give, the more you get back in return.

Saying thanks is good business

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Card from WP Elevation on my desk - saying thanks is good for business

Recently, I enrolled in Troy Dean’s fabulous WP Elevation Blueprint course (if you are running a business using WordPress I thoroughly recommend it!). Its a fabulous course, and one of the best investments I have made in my business this year. Yesterday, when I checked my mailbox after my run, I received a fab surprise … a real, live, handwritten … Read More