Gratitude Round Up: July 2017

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Gratitude Round Up: July 2017 - sharing a bowl of tomatoes.

If you’re looking for ways to infuse your business (and life) with Gratitude & Generosity, you’ll find plenty to inspire you in July’s Gratitude Round Up: National Portrait: Lisa King, social entrepreneur Love this article about Lisa King of ‘Eat My Lunch – making sure Kiwi kids get fed AND making a profit. Shows how building generosity into your business … Read More

Generosity: The secret to success

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Why generosity is good for business

Creating customer experiences that delight is the secret to building a successful business. It takes more than a fabulous onboarding sequence and a Thank You card (although that definitely helps!) – customer experiences that truly delight are built on a foundation of gratitude, generosity and real human connections. Why Generosity Is Good for Business 3 CEO’s who are showing that … Read More