10 tools to help build your business gratitude practice


Tools to help you start a business gratitude practice

There is plenty of evidence out there that Gratitude makes your life better – increased optimism, less stress, more happiness, increased resilience in the face of difficulties … people who are thankful, are happier and healthier. Gratitude is also a game changer in business. It will make you more productive, it increases customer loyalty (who doesn’t appreciate a thank you … Read More

Starting the New Year with Gratitude


Starting the New Year with gratitude

I love the feeling of a blank slate at the beginning of January – there’s a whole beautiful, shiny new year ahead to dream and plan for … But before you get started with resolutions and goals, its worth while to spend some time with the year just gone and consider with gratitude the lessons, joys, blessings & hardships that … Read More

Generosity makes you great

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Making generosity a part of your everyday business practices will make your business outshine the competition. And its one of the amazing things about generosity – the more you give, the more you get back in return.