Generosity makes you great

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Bike leaning against bright yellow wall with quote from Brendan Burchard

Making generosity a part of your everyday business practices will make your business outshine the competition. And its one of the amazing things about generosity – the more you give, the more you get back in return. Try it:

Share what you know

What better way to show the world that you have knowledge to spare than sharing what you know! Write blog posts, run webinars, have conversations, write a book, get up on the podium … Don’t fret about the competition. No one else will do what you can do with quite the same flair & passion. And when potential customers need someone on hand who knows what you know … then they will know where to find you!

Get to know your clients

One of my favourite ideas from Erin Flynn’s fab “PS. Write Soon” course is to send clients a questionnaire as part of your onboarding process to get to know them a little better. Make it fun with a few relevant questions to find out their birthday, what they like to read, eat, drink, or what they do for fun. We all like to talk about ourselves, and it feels good when someone wants to listen!

Say Thanks

Send a card, or a gift, pick up the phone or send an email. Make it a daily habit to go out of your way to thank the people that make your day special – your clients, your Mum, the next door neighbour, the courier driver … Nothing adds more sparkle to someone’s day (or more lustre to your brand) than a genuine, heart felt Thanks!