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Repeat business: Make your product easier to buy than your competition ...

I found out last week that my car’s warrant of fitness (WOF) had expired. I never remember to check, and it was my husband who pointed it out.

What a missed opportunity on the part of the auto business that did my last WOF! When there is so much competition around for this service, wouldn’t you think they would have taken the little time needed to have emailed or texted me a reminder?

Not everyone will automatically return to the same place for a service or purchase. Where you take your business can be strictly convenience-related – you will pick a company close to where you are going to be on a particular day.

Don’t miss the small ways to get repeat business. If you don’t remind them of your great service, they might just decide to go elsewhere.

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Linda Grigg has been involved in some form of customer service throughout her working life in the public service, the private sector, and for charities. Good customer service is something she is passionate about, and which she believes should be acknowledged and celebrated.