Gratitude Round Up: July 2017

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Gratitude Round Up: July 2017 - sharing a bowl of tomatoes.

If you’re looking for ways to infuse your business (and life) with Gratitude & Generosity, you’ll find plenty to inspire you in July’s Gratitude Round Up:

National Portrait: Lisa King, social entrepreneur

Love this article about Lisa King of ‘Eat My Lunch – making sure Kiwi kids get fed AND making a profit. Shows how building generosity into your business model can allow you to give back to your community and still make bank …read more

The Social Experiment

‘I love this story! Imagine what your personal & professional life would look like if people looked forward to seeing you every day? read on

Building Rapport With Clients—Using ‘Gratitude Marketing’

Call is Gratitude Marketing – or just call it being a genuinely nice person even when doing business … When you take the time to create meaningful relationships with clients and then focus your attention on meeting their needs with an attitude of gratitude, you will be amazed at the change in all aspects of your business … read more

Why Living a Life of Gratitude can Make You Happy

Simple acts of gratitude don’t cost you much – but they can make a huge difference … read more

Sending Thank You Notes

Not sure what to say in your Thank You notes? Tom Hopkins has some great ideas to get you started … …read more

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