Gratitude Roundup: April 2017


Thank you - workshop sign - Gratitude Round Up: April 2017

8 Tips for Penning a Thank-You Note That Will Be Treasured

If you really want to show your appreciation and stand out from the crowd – don’t just dash of a text or email. Take the time to send a real, handwritten card … read more

Handwritten notes: a secret business weapon

Handwritten notes will make your business stand out and open doors that email just can’t reach … read more

How Gratitude Can Get You Through Tough Business Times

Its hard work being a business owner. In this video Peter Voogd explains the importance of gratitude in business and life..

4 Easy and Effective Ways to Invest in Your Customers

Its infinitely easier to take care of the customers you already have, then it is to keep finding new ones. Find out how you can delight your current customers to keep them coming back to your business … read more


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