Gratitude Roundup: March 2017


Word of mouth marketing (Dog whispering into womans ear) - Gratitude Roundup March 2017

Fan receives handwritten note from Adele at Auckland concert

Awww … how thrilled would you be!? … read more

Free Printable Gratitude Journal

Start your daily Gratitude Practice with this pretty printable … read more

What Happened When I Replaced Sorry With Thank You

Saying ‘Thank You’ can be incredibly empowering … read more

A Tiny Guide to Infusing Word of Mouth Marketing into your Business

Word of Mouth marketing can absolutely transform your business … find out how to make it work for you … read more

Choose to Be Grateful. It Will Make You Happier.

Gratitude can be difficult – because life is difficult. But making a practice of finding things to be thankful for, even when life is hard – will make you happier … read more


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