Starting the New Year with Gratitude


Starting the New Year with gratitude
I love the feeling of a blank slate at the beginning of January – there’s a whole beautiful, shiny new year ahead to dream and plan for …

But before you get started with resolutions and goals, its worth while to spend some time with the year just gone and consider with gratitude the lessons, joys, blessings & hardships that have shaped you & your business over the last 12 months.

Starting the new year with gratitude for all the good stuff and the hard times, can help to prepare you for the changes you will need to make to grow your business (and your self) over the coming months.

So, before you get caught up again in the busy-ness of business, and the excitement of a brand new year, take a moment to create a gratitude list. Write out everything you are grateful for about your work over the last 12 months:

  • the big things
  • the little things
  • the hard things
  • the good bits
  • the people
  • the places
  • the lessons learned
  • the fun had

And don’t just stop there. Keep your list going into the new year.

Keeping a gratitude list is more powerful than a bunch of hasty New Year’s Resolutions … It will keep you focused on what you can be happy and thankful for – and that shift of perspective can be a game changer when times get tough because gratitude increases optimism – and decreases stress. Plus a regular gratitude practice for your business will help you find more ways to express your gratitude to your customers – which builds customer loyalty and makes you more successful!

Happy New Year!