Saying thanks is good business

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Card from WP Elevation on my desk - saying thanks is good for business

Recently, I enrolled in Troy Dean’s fabulous WP Elevation Blueprint course (if you are running a business using WordPress I thoroughly recommend it!). Its a fabulous course, and one of the best investments I have made in my business this year.

Yesterday, when I checked my mailbox after my run, I received a fab surprise … a real, live, handwritten card saying Thanks from Troy and the WP Elevation team. Now, I would rave about the course anyway (it really is that good). But this Thank You card made it even more worthy of mention. I appreciate that my business is appreciated, that Troy took the time to organise this. My run was really hard work yesterday … and getting lovely mail made it all better!!

I have taken other courses to help make my business better, and they have been great. But this is really special. I feel like a valued customer, part of a team, invested in both the success of WP Elevation and in my own success.

If you want to make your business really stand out, and truly connect with your clients, a handwritten card can do wonders!