Generosity: The secret to success

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Why generosity is good for business

Creating customer experiences that delight is the secret to building a successful business. It takes more than a fabulous onboarding sequence and a Thank You card (although that definitely helps!) – customer experiences that truly delight are built on a foundation of gratitude, generosity and real human connections.

Why Generosity Is Good for Business

3 CEO’s who are showing that being nice is also good for business:

Companies that are nicer actually make more money. While it’s great to be nice for the sake of being nice, let’s also talk about the fact that good business and good practices actually generate a crap-ton more revenue. The eat-your-young mentality of the 80s is really gone. With the conversation economy in real time, it really is about being nice … read more
Generosity As A Business Practice

Love this article on creating business (and personal) success based on connection & generosity.

According to Gartner Inc., in just a few years, 89% of businesses in U.S. will compete mainly on service  and fostering great customer experience, generosity needs to become a focus and an actual business practice.

Generosity to your partners, employees, customers, and communities around you as a whole needs to become the new business philosophy… read more

The Spirit of Generosity

If you are not sure how to build a practice of generosity into your business read this and be inspired.

The main point of this piece is that generosity most definitely matters. And not just in a “you can sleep better at night when you do it” sort of way. Flat out, I’ll tell you that seven or eight times out of ten the spirit of generosity will improve business results. I believe that putting it to work in your organization will get you back more than you put in… read more